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1 T broccoli seeds
1 1/2 t Alfalfa seeds
1 1/2 t red clover seeds
Easy Sprouter (
Takes 3-4 days to sprout and lasts 3-4 days
2-3 X day rinse/drain
leave room for seeds to drain at bottom of container
pat with a paper towel
use fork tongs to gently remove seed hulls
1 oz = 3 lbs. organic broccoli
Wheat Grass Potting Soil:
1 1/2 cubic feet potting soil
seed starting mix
storage container
remove lumps/chips
Wheat Grass
Place 1 1/2 inches dirt into tray (
2 cups berries soak over night
6 cups water 8-12 hours
rinse, rinse, rinse
place in bowl and wrap completely with paper towels
mist heavily morning and night
Tray--dirt wet--through dripping bring into house
Place 1/4 cup Azamite and 1 t kelp over bed of wet dirt
seeds--spread with hands and love and happy thoughts
push suckers into soil
big spray bottle--all wet
place tray with holes in bottom upside down on tray
spray twice day--keep moist
3-4 days when 2" tall--take off lid and let grow
spray until water begins to drip out--stop spraying
Before cut and juice the wheat grass--make sure to mist it
Start with 1 oz. per day and work up to 4-6 oz. per day

Juicer (every day)

3 oz. celery
3 oz carrots
10-12 spinach
1 oz. broccoli sprouts (wheat grass)
1T. lecithin




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